The Charm of an Old Villa in the most Fascinating Island of Tuscany
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CAPRAIA - The Charming Island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Capraia Island is the third largest Island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is situated NW of Elba Island, just 16 miles from Corsica and 36 miles from Livorno. It is named the “wild” island as a result of a volcanic eruption that happened nine million years ago. Deep cliffs, rocks of beautiful colours and striking chromatic contrasts are visible. The Island is the “shrine of  cetaceans” the heart of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago deep in the largest protected sea area of Europe. The territory is wild, totally covered by Mediterranean bush, and has just one small town centre. The borough of Capraia Island, which belongs to the town of Livorno, is governed by a town council.The beautiful and clear blue sea due to perennal currents that blow from the south and the lack of big towns is the feature that makes this island unique in all the Tirrenian Sea. A rich fish fauna comparable only to a few sites in the Red Sea and the slow swings, characteristic of an island far from the mainland make it the ideal destination for a vacation out of the schemes and of complete relax. Fascinating trekking, unique diving. sea life, totally pristine environment, historical sites that refer to an adventurous past and a powerful nature that expresses itself without any human limitation are the characteristics that make Capraia, the nearest one between the remote islands, a unique and unrepeatable destination , inevitably destined to remain for a long long time in your memory.

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